Contacting us

Telephone Number

0203 540 8063

Our offices are open 9:00am – 5:30pm (Mon-Friday) – Closed Weekend & Bank Holidays

General Enquiries

Please email us at for general enquiries only.
Please note that this email address is not for enquiries regarding you case or technical issues

Update of an existing case

In order to process your case efficiently it is imperative that the Adjudicator has all the available information  regarding your complaint, all such information should be uploaded via your portal.

If you email or phone us for an update you will be advised to initially log in to your portal for this.

Upload a new case

If you wish to upload a new case please click here.

If you wish to submit a case by post click here for a downloadable complaint form, please note that complaint processing via post is predominantly a much slower process.

Postal Address &  Registered Head Office:
12-14 Walker Avenue, Stratford Office Village, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes MK12 5TW


Visiting our office

We do not accept any visitors to our offices, no update will be made available to you, you must use your portal access and communicate via your case handler. This is a strict policy with no exceptions.



If you are experiencing accessibility issues in contacting us please click here.


Our Service

If you feel you are not receiving an adequate service from us please click here

Technical Support Centre  
Please click here for any portal technical issues.
Please note: this link is not for any issues you may have with your case.

Membership Enquiries
For more information about becoming a member of our scheme, please contact us via email: or call 0203 540 8063.


Privacy & Online Security
We take the security & privacy of all our customers data very seriously, Our dedicated cyber security team monitor and protect your activity in real-time 24 hours a day.

To report unusual or suspicious activity or if you require further information please email: